Custom Fitting

We offer a full custom fit service in-store with our in-house PGA pros and experienced golf technicians. The benefits of custom fit are that you will make the best of what you have which in short means you will maximise your swing and enable you to maintain and improve your overall game and consistency. Hopefully you will enjoy an already enjoyable game even more when you are using the optimum equipment and playing better!

We have demo irons from all the leading brands in our massive customising centre which is also equipped with high tech analysis equipment and projectors. We have lots of custom specs in stock which you can take away on the day but if something does need to be ordered it would usually take 7-10 business days. Custom fitting is charged at £25 for woods and £25 for irons (scroll down for full list of services and charges) but this charge is waived when you are purchasing clubs and after one.

Putter fitting is upstairs on our in-door puttting green. Booking lines are listed below:-

Corsham: 01249 714466

Swindon: 01793 644448


Custom fit charges

All custom fittings charged are reimbursed if a hardware purchase is made within 28 days of fittings.

Driver fit £25.00

30 minute custom fit and/or specification check on current clubs.

Iron fitting £25.00

30 minute custom fit, this will include length, lie, shaft flex, grip size and set make up.

Full bag fitting £40.00

This will cover a fitting on all clubs in the bag

Gap fitting £25.00

30 minute gap fitting, here we will check the carry on your bag and send you the results.



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